Coronavirus: Unvaccinated elderly US couple hold hands as they die from COVID-19 within seconds of each other

  • 07/01/2022
The couple died last week.
The couple died last week. Photo credit: Tim Stewart/GoFundMe

An unvaccinated elderly couple battling COVID-19 in the US have died hand-in-hand within seconds of each other.

William and Carol Stewart, from New Hampshire, died in the state's Parkland Medical Centre late last week.

Their daughter is now speaking out urging people to get vaccinated, saying it's "never too late".

Vaccination significantly lowers the chance people will fall seriously ill with COVID-19. Those who aren't immunised are about 10 times more likely to get badly sick and die as vaccinated people, data shows.

William, 73, and Carol, 69, along with six other family members tested positive for COVID-19 last month. They both spent more than a week on life support.

Daughter Melissa Noke said the couple was by each other's sides during their final moments.

"As soon as they touched hands, my father took his last breath and then my mother, 10 seconds later," Noke told local news station WMUR 9. 

"They've known each other since they were 4, been together 45 years, married 44 years."

A GoFundMe page started to raise money for the couple's funerals had raised NZ$8350 at the time of publishing.