Two 'boozy parties' at Downing St night before Queen sat alone to farewell Prince Philip

As the Queen prepared for one of her hardest days, staff at Downing St partied.
As the Queen prepared for one of her hardest days, staff at Downing St partied. Photo credit: Getty Images.

There were two "boozy parties" at 10 Downing St the night before the funeral of Prince Philip, the Telegraph is reporting.

The incredible revelation comes off the back of a series of reports over the last two months alleging parties were held at the residence and workplace of the British Prime Minister and at a number of other UK government departments throughout pandemic lockdowns.

Boris Johnson on Thursday apologised for attending a party at Downing St on May 20, 2020 while COVID-19 measures were in place. He, however, said the event was an office gathering, technically allowed under the rules.

But the Telegraph now reports that two parties - both farewell events for leaving staff - were also held on April 16, the day before Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, was laid to rest at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

In farewelling her life partner, the Queen sat alone, respecting the COVID-19 rules in place. Images of her alone on what would have been one of her most difficult days quickly went viral, with people sending their thoughts and sympathy to the monarch.

The Queen at Prince Philip's funeral.
The Queen at Prince Philip's funeral. Photo credit: Getty Images.

It's alleged that one of the events saw staff party in the building's basement and that someone broke a swing of Wilfred Johnson's, the Prime Minister's son. 

At another gathering, initally held in another part of the Downing St complex until the two parties merged, there was "excessive alcohol" and guests "danced along to music", stretching well past midnight, according to a source of the Telegraph's.

There were reportedly 30 people in attendance when the two gatherings combined.

Regarding one of the parties, a Downing St spokesperson said: "On this individual’s last day he gave a farewell speech to thank each team for the work they had done to support him, both those who had to be in the office for work and on a screen for those working from home."

At the time, indoor gatherings were banned and only six people could be together outdoors. As the Telegraph writes, any defence of the parties on April 16 will likely rely on the argument they were work gatherings.

Johnson himself was not at Downing St on that date, a spokesperson said. He was instead at his Chequers country residence.

An investigation is already underway into the gatherings that have previously been reported, while some of Johnson's own MPs and Opposition politicians are calling for his resignation.