Retired neurologist Patrick Pullicino claims to have figured out how Jesus died

  • 16/04/2022
Expert claims Jesus died from internal injuries.
Expert claims Jesus died from internal injuries. Photo credit: Getty Images

A retired neurologist claims they have figured out the proper cause of Jesus's death.

According to the Bible, Jesus fell while carrying the cross before his side was pierced by a Roman soldier's spear, which caused blood and water to splurt out.

Doctor-turned-priest Patrick Pullicino claims Jesus was killed because of the complications linked to his wound.

The Rev. Prof Pullicino has analysed the work of forensic and medical experts on the Shroud of Turin, the linen cloth Jesus was wrapped in after he was crucified.

In 1988, radiocarbon tests on samples of the shroud dated the cloth to the Middle Ages, between 1260 and 1390, but more recent studies in the 2010s dispute this claim, and instead argue that the linen sheet dates back to the time of Jesus, the Daily Mail reported.

From the faint imprint on the shroud, Pullicino said the shoulder was pulled so far out of the socket, Jesus' hand stretches 10 centimetres lower than the left.

Pullicino believes this would've caused the subclavian artery, a pair of large arteries in the thorax which supplies blood to the head, neck shoulder, and arms, to rupture.

This would result in internal bleeding which would result in a person's death.

It would also mean three pints of blood would fill the cavity between the ribcage and the lung, which Pullincion explained why blood shot out of Jesus when he was stabbed with the spear, Daily Mail reported.

The blood and water mixture which splurted out was likely cerebrospinal fluid, which has a translucent appearance, Pullicino claimed.