Australian rugby player David Pocock vies for senator in Canberra as the election nears

Australia is just days away from voting and the opinion polls now show it’s closer than ever. 

But while Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese fight to become Prime Minister, one of the All Blacks' biggest rivals is vying for his own spot in Canberra too.  

No stranger to disrupting the opposition is David Pocock and the All Blacks.

Pocock, once the captain of the Wallabies, is now the Zimbabwean-born rugby star who wants to make his mark in Canberra. 

Protecting his home from climate change is what he's campaigning on to win a seat in the Australian Senate. 

From floods to fires, Australians have been dealing with its devastating impacts for years. 

Both parties promise to reduce emissions by 2030 - Morrison's government promises to do so by 28 percent if re-elected.

"I'm seeking a second term because I'm just warming up," Morrison said. 

Labor's Anthony Albanese has a plan to reduce emissions by more and faster. 

"Scott Morrison will never do anything on climate change," Albanese said.

Voters will decide if they believe that or not in just four days.