Flood emergency in Queensland, as storm lingers longer than expected

There's an evolving flood emergency in Queensland on Friday night, with a storm lingering over the state longer than expected and flooding towns, rivers and homes. 

On Friday the 13th, it looked as if luck wasn’t on one man’s side. 

Until rescuers arrive, saving his life as they too battle the rising rapids. 

The dangerous and evolving situation kept rescuers busy all day. 

"This is one of the quickest," one rescuer said. 

"Oh the quickest for sure for sure," another replied. 

Locals sandbagged storefronts and watched on helplessly. 

"I've had this building for 35 years. This is my third flood," one local said.

Fresh in the mind of Queenslanders was the deadly flooding that killed 13 people in March. 

Despite the wet weather lingering longer than forecasted, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk predicted the storm would move on in the next 24 hours, but now they’re predicting it will take another 24 hours. 

This storm is less threatening, but still, everyone is waiting and hoping it doesn’t worsen overnight.