Video: Lawnmower thief mows victim's lawns before taking off with machine

  • 09/05/2022

A Texas man has been caught on security footage allegedly stealing a resident’s lawnmower and using it to mow the victim’s front and back lawn. 

In a statement, local police said they are investigating the current whereabouts of their main suspect Marcus Hubbard.

The suspected burglary took place on April 1. 

Police arrived on the scene to find Hubbard running away dragging the lawnmower with him.

Hubbard then ditched the lawnmower in an alleyway to avoid getting caught.

The security footage, which was posted to Twitter, caused delight with several users asking whether Hubbard was available to mow their lawns. 

"Lmao. Nobody heard the lawnmower going off in the middle of the night?: One user questioned. 

"If anyone knows this guy, please tell him I will leave my lawnmower and a full container of gas in my unlocked shed tonight. If he has a few extra minutes I will also leave the trimmer," another said.