Ukrainians continue to stand up against Russia after nearly three months of war

Ukrainians are trying to remain optimistic despite being in an active war zone as the conflict between their country and Russia, who invaded the neighbouring nation on February 24, stretches into its third month.

Newshub Europe correspondent Lisette Reymer spoke with Newshub Nation on Saturday to discuss the Ukrainians' unfaltering optimism amid the violent conflict, which has led to thousands of deaths and the displacement of millions.

When asked what has changed in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion, Reymer - speaking live from Kyiv, Ukraine's capital - said the easier question to answer was what hasn't changed, referring to the Ukrainian's powerful determination to win.

"The locals have been incredibly confident and incredibly optimistic that they would be able to put up an impressive fight and push Russia back home," she said.

Russia has withdrawn from Kyiv and is failing to make as much progress as they may have hoped in the East.

Despite this, Reymer told Newshub Nation the landscape of Kyiv had completely changed due to the war.

"It is just bombsite after bombsite, flattened buildings, homes, businesses, infrastructure - completely destroyed."

The Ukrainian forces have started to regain control of the areas surrounding the north-eastern city of  Kharkiv and are making some surprisingly impressive progress, Reymer added.

After speaking to Ukrainians on Friday (local time), Reymer said the general consensus is that civilians are confident "they will win this war".

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