Fox News host Laura Ingraham claims smoking marijuana is linked to mass shootings in United States

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is once again being mocked on social media after suggesting marijuana use is a key factor in mass shootings across the United States.

On Tuesday night (local time), the controversial news anchor suggested mass shootings were the result of people living in broken homes and how drug use leads them "on a highway to hell".

"Pot use, especially among teens, can trigger psychosis and increase the chance that the young person will develop violent behaviours," she said on Fox News.

The Independent reported Ingraham went on to talk about a Daily Mail article which had claimed The New York Times removed a part of a story on the Uvalde, Texas shooter "smoking pot" during the mass shooting, which killed 21 people in May.

Ingraham argued the reasoning for removing the "smoking pot" part could've been because of the "pro-marijuana bias Americans have become accustomed to".

"Americans are hearing a lot about AR-15s and background checks, and they deserve to hear about this as well."

Social media users were quick to disagree with Ingraham claiming marijuana was linked to mass shootings, a drug that is commonly known to relax people.

Political analyst for MSNBC Michael Steele tweeted: "Umm, @IngrahamAngle "violence"? What kinda sh*t do you smoke? Pass out, maybe. Hungry, absolutely. Happy, always. To quote Kat Williams "That's the side effects: hungry, happy, sleepy. That's it." Well researched my bag of chips."

Another user tweeted: "Good lord, Laura Ingraham thinks Reefer Madness is to blame for gun violence. WTF kinda weed is SHE smoking?"

The Fox News host has been the butt of jokes on social media before after an episode of the show aired and her co-host Raymond Arroyo tried to talk to her about the popular Netflix show You. Ingraham thought they had made a show about her on Netflix.

"There's a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?" she asked Arroyo when he was trying to explain that was the name of the Netflix series.

One user on Twitter said: "This is hilarious and terrible at the same time. How people still watch "Fox News" is beyond me."

Someone else tweeted: "Greatest comedy moment in television, not political, just hilarious. Laura Ingraham hasn't heard of the Netflix show You."

Back in 2020, Ingraham claimed New Zealand had a "terrifying new response" to "rising COVID case numbers".

She said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was "throwing people into quarantine camps".

Ingraham mocked Ardern's response to the pandemic.

"No leaving the camp until you're negative," she said, even mocking the Prime Minister's accent.

The Independent reported Ingraham claimed in May that US President Joe Biden was attempting to "exploit the massacre of innocent little kids" after he asked Congress to introduce stricter gun control laws.