New York cafe saves woman being held hostage after she begs for help on Grubhub order

A woman being held hostage was rescued after posting a plea for help on a food order.
A woman being held hostage was rescued after posting a plea for help on a food order. Photo credit: Chipper Truck Cafe Facebook page.

A restaurant in New York has been praised for helping save a woman who begged for help on a food order. 

The Chipper Truck Cafe in Yonkers, New York, posted on its Facebook page they received a food order at around 5am on June 19, local time. 

The hurredly writen note came via popular food ordering service Grubhub, but had a chilling message under the additional instructions section. 

"Please call the police," the note read. "His going to to call me when u delivered come with the cones please don't make it obvious [sic]."

The popular cafe said staff responded immediately by calling the police and the woman was rescued from her ordeal.    

"I've often heard of this happening but never thought it would happen to us. Thankfully we were open and able to help her. A big Thank you to the Police for their fast response " the post read. 

Cafe owner Alice Bermejo told CBS orders usually have simple instructions such as "please leave it on the driveway," but not a plea for help. 

"The message came in, and the girls read it and they called my husband to see what they should do," Bermejo told CBS. 

"He told them, let's call the police, we can't take any risk or chance.  

"Once we pack the bags and send it out, that's it. The fact that they saw that before they sent it out, they couldn't just left it as the driver's problem. 

But they didn't," she told CBS. .

The woman was taken to hospital and reports say the suspect is facing multiple charges including unlawful imprisonment and rape. 

Grubhub said they had offered the cafe $5000 as a reward. 

"Every time we see a simple but extraordinary act like this, we are amazed by how our partners positively impact their communities," Grubhub said in a statement. "However they decide to use the money, we hope it helps the restaurant and reminds all of their customers of what amazing people (they) are."