Video of orangutan attacking visitor in zoo goes viral

A visitor to the zoo got a nasty shock when he got too close to an orangutan.
A visitor to the zoo got a nasty shock when he got too close to an orangutan. Photo credit: Twitter @sundaykisseu

Video footage of an orangutan grabbing a zoo visitor through its enclosure has gone viral on social media.

The incident took place at Kasang Kulim Zoo in Riau, Indonesia.

Indonesian news site reported Hasan Arifin had ignored signs and trespassed a barrier, breaking zoo rules.

The 30 second clip shows Tina the orangutan reacting to Arifin getting too close to her cage after he allegedly ignored the signs prohibiting access.

When Arifin extended his arms out towards Tina, she swiftly grabbed him by the shirt, and a tense struggle ensued.

Arifin’s friend quickly ran over to try to help him, but Tina batted her strong hand at them.

Frightened from getting too close, Arifin’s friend moved behind him and tried to pull him away by his waist.

The two managed to lean back a little bit, until the determined orangutan grabbed onto the man’s leg with three of her dextrous limbs.

Tina then pulled Arifin scarily close to the metal grates of the pen and held his leg in a vice-like grip, as the two men scrambled to find an escape.

The video eerily ends with Arifin being held horizontally across the metal gates by the orangutan.

Fortunately, Indonesian news sites report that neither Arifin nor Tina were seriously harmed.

Many Twitter users have been quick to point out that although orangutans are not typically aggressive to humans, reaching your arms out is antagonistic and unwise.

There are also many tweets arguing that it is understandable a wild animal would act out due to the cruelty of captivity.

"Yeah you take these animals out of their natural life and put them in cages, stuff like this happens," one user wrote. 

"Viral Video shows the moment an orangutan teaches a human a lesson about boundaries by grabbing on to him after the human taunts him," another posted.   

"The orangutan isn't biting, isn't hitting. Just making its point," wrote another.