Trophy hunter Riaan Naude who killed lions, elephants, giraffes shot dead in South Africa

Riaan Naude was found dead next to his truck in Limpopo.
Riaan Naude was found dead next to his truck in Limpopo. Photo credit: Facebook/Instagram

Warning this story contains graphic images

An avid hunter of some of the world's most protected animals has been murdered in South Africa.

Riaan Naude, 55, the owner of Pro Hunt Africa, was found dead next to his truck in Limpopo, the northernmost region of South Africa.

Two hunting rifles, ammunition, clothing, water and whiskey were found in Naude's car near the Kruger National Park wildlife reserve in Limpopo, local outlet Maroela Media reported.

Naude had previously posted photos of himself with animals he'd killed, which include elephants, giraffes, rhinos and lions.

A police spokesperson confirmed the death after officers found his body after being called to the incident.

"The man was lying with his face up and there was blood on his head and face," police spokesperson Lieutenant colonel Mamphaswa Seabi said.

"The motive for the attack and the subsequent murder is unknown at this stage."

The Heritage Protection Group (HPG) - a non-profit organisation that aims to prevent and investigate serious crime - claimed two men in a Nissan truck had pulled up alongside Naude after the trophy hunter's car had overheated.

It was here when one of the men got out of their truck and shot Naude at close range while also stealing one of his guns, Metro UK reports.

A cattle herder reportedly heard a gunshot and witnessed a Nissan truck speeding away, according to police.

Naude’s Pro Hunt Africa company, located in northernmost South Africa, describes itself as a 'hunting and Eco Safari outfit'.