Relaxed Russian tourist photo gives away Vladimir Putin's air defences to Ukrainian forces

  • 23/08/2022

A Russian tourist has given a whole new meaning to the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words, after he shared a photo of himself which may have unintentionally given away the location of Vladimir Putin's air defences to Ukrainian forces.

The tourist was posing in a pair of speedos and behind him were "active" S-400 air defence systems positioned around the Yevpatoria Salt Lake next to the Black Sea coast, Yahoo News reported.

On Monday (local time), the Defence of Ukraine shared the image of the relaxed, Russian tourist along with the caption: "Maybe we are being too hard on russian [sic] tourists… Sometimes they can be really helpful. Like this man taking pictures at russian air defense positions near Yevpatoria, in occupied Crimea. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

According to Yahoo News, citizen journalists were able to geo-locate the area where the Russian forces were spotted arriving on site around July 20.

The photo comes just days after a drone strike hit a Russian military base in Crimea, forcing 2,000 people from a nearby village to evacuate, Russian officials reported.

On Sunday (local time), Russian- the appointed Governor of annexed Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozzhaev, wrote a warning on Telegram to Russian tourists.

"I remind you: try to shoot less photos and do not upload videos of how our AD works. If you are filming or taking pictures, at least don’t reference to the area,"Razvozzhaev said.

The war between Russia and Ukraine will hit the six-month mark on August 24.