Space junk lands on sheep farm in Australia

A piece of space junk destined to enter Earth above New Zealand has landed on a sheep farm in New South Wales.

When the world looked up and wondered where it would land, no one guessed it would be at farmer Mick Miners' place.

"I found it on Monday, about ten o'clock," Miners said in a YouTube video.

Miners didn't know it was there until days later.

"I wasn't quite sure what to think about it. I had a look around, made me sort of wonder what was going on," he told ABC News Australia.

He was looking at a three-metre-tall and 20kg piece of space junk. The space junk is likely to be from a SpaceX crewed mission launched two years ago.

Astrophysicist Brad Tucker told ABC News Australia that it entered the area on July 9 just after 7pm.

It's the biggest piece to fall in Australia since NASA's space station crashed to earth with a piece landing in Western Australia's outback forty years ago.

Luckily the piece at the farmer's place fell in the middle of nowhere.