US must rectify mistakes on Taiwan after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit, Chinese Embassy official says

The only way out of the crisis in US-Chinese relations triggered by a visit to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is for the United States to immediately rectify its mistakes, a senior Chinese Embassy official in Washington said on Friday (local time).

Jing Quan, a minister of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, referred to the White House protest to China's ambassador about Beijing's military actions since Pelosi's visit and said it was the United States that was threatening peace and stability.

"It is the US side that is the troublemaker," he told reporters during briefing.

"The only way out of this crisis is that the US side must take measures immediately to rectify its mistakes and eliminate the grave impact of Pelosi's visit."

He warned against escalating actions that jeopardize the longstanding US one-China policy and said Washington should "avoid pushing China-US relations down the dangerous track of conflict and confrontation."