King Charles heckled over parade while cost of living in Britain soars

  • 18/09/2022

King Charles III faced criticism while meeting and greeting the public during his first official trip to Wales on Friday (local time). 

The King met mourners while attending a prayer and reflection service to honour his late mother Queen Elizabeth II in Cardiff. 

While the 73-year-old monarch was shaking the mourners' hands, one man took the opportunity to question King Charles over the cost of the parade. 

"Charles, while we struggle to heat our homes we have to pay for your parade," the man yelled. 

Charles responded with "Oh" before turning away and continuing to greet others in the crowd. Undeterred the man continued, "The taxpayer pays £100 million for you – and what for? Not my King!"

It's not the first heckler the royals have been forced to deal with after the Queen's death. 

Earlier in the week, a man was arrested for calling Prince Andrew a "sick old man".

Prince Andrew was stripped of his royal titles by the Queen after allegations of sexual assault against US woman Virginia Giuffre, now aged in her late 30s when she was under 18.  

Prince Andrew, who has denied the accusations, in February settled a lawsuit Giuffre had filed against him. 

The heckler, who yelled, "Andrew, you're a sick old man", was separated from the crowd by police officers and arrested. 

Social media opinion was split over the latest heckling with some pointing out, many people in Britain are suffering as electricity prices skyrocket. 

But one person who wasn't a fan was former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan who tweeted a scathing response to the heckling. 

"Imagine doing this to a man whose mother died a few days ago? So disgusting," Morgan said.