Video: King Charles III lashes out over leaky pen

  • 14/09/2022

King Charles III has had an awkward moment with a pen after it leaked all over him as he tried to sign a visitors' book.

On Tuesday (local time), His Majesty was signing the book in Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland when the pen he was using began leaking on him.

"Oh God I hate this," the King muttered to himself before getting up to try and wipe the ink off his hands.

Queen Consort Camilla was by her husband's side and took the pen off him.

As Charles hastily tried to rub the ink off his hand with a handkerchief he gruffly said: "I can't bear this bloody thing!... every stinking time."

This is the King's second mishap with a pen in recent days. He became frustrated with a pen tray during his proclamation signing.

King Charles realised he did not have enough room on the desk as he was signing the proclamation and gestured for someone to move the tray away.

People on social media thought the moment was iconic with one person on Twitter saying it was a "fabulously characteristic moment".

The King was in Northern Ireland as a part of his royal tour of the United Kingdom after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.