Christian Glass shooting: Parents of Christchurch-born man killed by US police say officers need to be held to account

Warning: This story may be distressing for some readers.

The parents of a Kiwi man shot dead by US police say they're one step closer to getting justice for their son.

Christian Glass, originally from Christchurch, called the US police for help when he had a minor car crash in June.

The situation ended when the 22-year-old was shot by an officer standing on top of his car.

A grand jury will now decide if the police should be charged.

When police arrived to help Christian Glass he told them "he was scared".

They reassured him, he wasn't at risk.

"No dude, we're not gonna shoot ya, but we need you to come here," body camera footage shows an officer saying.

In little over an hour, the 22-year-old would be dead. 

Edited footage provided by the family's lawyers shows a situation that dramatically escalates.

Officers believe Christian has a knife and tase him before shooting him, not once but five times.

"Please drop the knife," an officer can be heard saying before Christian is shot.

It's footage his parents have shared with the world but refuse to watch themselves. 

Speaking from Colorado, they describe their son as a "deep-thinker", a reader, and an artist. 

"It's every parent's worst nightmare. It really is," his mother Sally told Newshub. "It's like a piece of you in missing. It just doesn't feel right."

On Friday, Sally and Simon Glass have reason for "some" optimism.

The District Attorney in Colorado has announced the matter will head to a grand jury. This means public jurors will decide if the officers, who're still working in the community, should be charged. 

"It's like that here, police look after their own, they will bury things and you have to hold their feet to the fire," Sally said.

A 'fire' that burns bright for Sally - who won't stop fighting for justice. 

"[I want] to get these people that did this punished, you know, we, the general public, can't go around shooting people and get away with it," she said.

The grand jury will start convening in November and charges, if any, could follow soon after.