Former US President Donald Trump mocked by internet for 'major announcement' launching NFT collection

Former US President Donald Trump built up widespread anticipation after saying people could soon expect a "major announcement".

A mysterious post on his Truth social media platform was accompanied by the text "AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO".

Trump is known for his unpredictability and the post got people talking. While hindsight makes the following obvious, it nonetheless came from left field for many. 

A video was then released on Thursday with Trump saying the words, "America needs a superhero" over an animation of himself standing outside Trump Tower sporting a six-pack, superhero costume and bright red lasers beaming from his eyes. 

No, it's not a projection of how Trump sees himself, it's the "first official Donald J Trump NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection." 

Other Trump Cards depict the 45th President as an aviator sporting astronaut, showered in Trump-branded gold bars, and even as a larger-than-life (and the planet) fighter pilot, again sporting aviators.

One of the NFTs you can purchase.
One of the NFTs you can purchase. Photo credit:

The NFTs will set you back a cool US$99 (NZ$156). As Trump himself said, "Christmas is coming, and this makes a great Christmas gift".

They can be purchased at 

Somewhat strangely, the card you get is randomly allocated. 

Purchasers of a Trump Card also go in the draw for a wide variety of prizes - top of the list being dinner with the former President himself.

"I don't know if that's an amazing prize," Trump says with bizarre humility, "but it's what we have".

Trump's need for money has spiked recently amid unprecedented legal challenges regarding his business and political affairs. 

He has also plummetted in polls ahead of the 2024 Republican nominee race, now trailing Florida Governor Ron Desantis in surveys undertaken by USA Today, CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

"Obama, Bush, and Clinton are working for the poor & disadvantaged in their various ways. Trump is selling $99 trading cards. And running for President. Ain't that America, something to see." author Stephen King said

One Twitter user who goes by the handle WarlockMasterRace said: "I'm a diehard 'Trump is the man on a white horse guy': Trump just lost my vote. NFTs are a scam and this is just beyond the pale for me." 

One Twitter user expressed their frustration at Trump's new scheme.
One Twitter user expressed their frustration at Trump's new scheme. Photo credit: Twitter

Senior Washington editor for NBC Digital wrote: "Donald Trump's 'major announcement' appears to be that he still thinks people will give him $99 when he asks."

Philip Bump, a Washington Post columnist declared Trump was "losing the plot".

Political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen said "I don't think I've ever had more second-hand embarrassment than I do right now after seeing Trump's 'major announcement.'"

Watch the full announcement video for more information about how to purchase one of Trump's NFTs.