Daughter of Queensland cop killers has no plans to change name

The daughter and stepdaughter of the Queensland cop killers says she has no plans to change her name because it would be like keeping a secret.

Madeline Train told Australia's Nine News she hadn't seen her parents in years but spoke often via email, describing them as the gentlest people she knows.

It was one of Australia's most horrific and unbelievable crimes committed by a trio entwined in a love triangle.

"Grieving three of your family members is hard enough, but finding out what they did and seeing everyone's reaction to what they did," said daughter Madeline Train.

Nathaniel, Gareth and Stacey Train executed officers Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow before shooting dead their neighbour Alan Dare.

Two other officers escaped sparking an armed standoff with specialist police.

"They were both shot. Mum was trying to get out the back. It says she was armed, but mum doesn't like guns. I don't know what she was armed with. Police say guns, and I trust the police," Madeline said.

But her parents didn't. Sucked into the vortex of misinformation and conspiracy theories, Gareth was convinced the government was spying on him.

"It's like he was doing this weird project on COVID and the end of the world. He believed in the apocalypse," Madeline said.

He had for years. But Madeline says her upbringing was relatively normal.

"I grew up in a really happy healthy family environment," she said.

Her mum, Stacey, had divorced her biological father Nathaniel when she was three before marrying her uncle Gareth, who she considered her dad.

"The only reason it was unusual is literally people's interpretation of it," she explained.

Their name is now notorious with one of Australia's worst killings. But it's not one she would ever change.

"No, I love my name. As difficult as it is now, changing my name would be like keeping a secret," she said.

And Madeline doesn't want to be defined by the actions of her parents.