Giant crocodile invades popular Bali beach

The 3.5 metre female crocodile.
The 3.5 metre female crocodile. Photo credit: Facebook/Nick Sadi

Beachgoers were given a fright when an unwanted scaly visitor invaded a popular Balinese beach.

Videos have emerged of a huge crocodile washing up on the shore of a popular beach in Kuta on Wednesday afternoon.

A lifeguard spotted the estimated 3.5-metre female reptile on Padma Beach. They initially thought the crocodile was a large piece of wood but a closer look revealed it was in fact a crocodile.

The Badung Balawista lifeguard squad and Denpasar Natural Resources Conservation Agency rushed to capture the animal, tying it up with rope and hauling it up the sand.

A lifeguard spotted the female reptile on Padma Beach.
A lifeguard spotted the female reptile on Padma Beach. Photo credit: Facebook/Nick Sadi

Crocodile sightings on Bali beaches are extremely rare.

"Ever since I joined Badung Balawista in 2005, this was the first time I saw a crocodile on the beach. Even my seniors at Balawista never saw anything like it," a spokesman for Badung Balawista told local news outlet Coconuts Bali.

The spokesperson said the giant predator would have likely escaped from captivity, as the area had experienced strong winds in the past few days.

Local news outlets reported on Friday that the crocodile died mere hours after its capture due to a combination of stress, dehydration, and shock.

The crocodile, thought to be around four to five years old, had two wounds and barnacles were found growing on its scales.

It is still unknown where the crocodile came from.