Glass-coated strings kill six at Indian kite festival

  • 20/01/2023
Glass-coated strings kill six at Indian kite festival
Photo credit: Getty Images

Six people are dead and almost 200 are injured due to glass-coated kite strings at India's Uttarayan Kite festival.

Coating kite strings with glass powder has been widely used in 'kite duels' during festivities but was banned in 2016 due to its threat to human and birdlife.

However, the practice has continued with dire consequences for some.

Gujarati Police confirmed three children under the age of 10 and three men were among the victims who bled to death due to the deadly strings.

Three-year-old Kismat's life was lost when she was struck by kite strings during a walk with her mother. Doctors pronounced her dead upon arrival at hospital.

Kirti, two, was rushed to hospital after the razor-sharp threads cut her throat during a scooter ride with her father. She later died receiving medical care.

And the kite strings cut down seven-year-old Rishab Verma while he was riding a two-wheeler with his parents.

Similarly, the three men who died from fatal cuts were also travelling on two-wheelers.

The annual festival sees massive crowds amass for two days and is held on the Sabarmati river banks. People also participate from terraces and rooftops during the celebration.