Man in Louisiana, US charged with negligent homicide after his dog kills 7yo girl

The 7 year old died in his hospital from her injuries.
The 7 year old died in his hospital from her injuries. Photo credit: CNN// Twitter

A man in Louisiana, United States has been charged after his dog killed a seven-year-old girl on Friday (local time).

The seven-year-old was attacked and killed by the man's pitbull around 6:30pm on Friday. The girl was rushed to hospital but died later on from her injuries.

CBS News reported the dog's owner Erik Lopez, 20, was arrested on allegations of negligent homicide.

The girl was playing outside one of her relative's homes when the dog "viciously attacked her". The relative tried to stop the attack by hitting the dog with a walking stick but was unsuccessful, CBS News reported.

Lopez's dog was taken into custody by local animal control officers.

In an interview with investigators, Lopez said he wasn't around during the attack and admitted his dog wasn't restrained.

The two properties didn't have any fencing between them to keep the dog out either, local media reportedly said.

East Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said in a statement: "This is an awful, heartbreaking tragedy. My heart goes out to this family and they will remain in my prayers."

Louisiana's animal control director told local media the dog was euthanised on the night of the attack.