Video: Australian 'sovereign citizen' arrested after bizarre clash with cops

The woman refused to get out of the car.
The woman refused to get out of the car. Photo credit: Sarkysage//Twitter

A clash between a group of Australian police officers and an unlicensed 'sovereign citizen' has been caught on camera.

In the video, which was uploaded on Twitter under the username @Sarkysage, the female driver of a car that had been pulled over refused to give her name to officers, and interrupted them every time they asked for her it.

Sovereign citizens only answer to their interpretations of the law and believe they are therefore not subject to any laws or proceedings unless they consent to them.

After nearly two minutes of arguing and refusing to get out of her car, the cops opened the driver's car door, grabbed the woman by her arm, and pulled her out.

The video was uploaded on Twitter on January 21 (local time) but it is unclear when the altercation occurred.

When one officer asked for her name, the woman said "I do not consent," and continued to refuse to provide any detail about herself.

The officers then told the driver she was under arrest.

In the video, one of the officers reached into the woman's car and said "Don't put that [the camera] on me or I will bust your window," and repeatedly told her to put her window down.

The woman filmed the other officers around her car and refused to leave her vehicle.

"Look at this! Violence by the police I have done nothing wrong," she said.

The woman said in the video she will come out of the car if the officers "calm down."

Several people commented on how funny it was to watch the sovereign citizen's arrest.

"I love these Sovcit arrest videos. Best thing since the Jerry Springer show," one user commented.

Another said, "The fine should increase with each minute they waste the police officer's time."