Watch: Ferris wheel in Florida's ICON Park bursts into flames, strands 62 riders in mid-air

The Ferris wheel at Icon Park in the US state of Florida left 62 riders stranded in mid-air after it lost power on Saturday (local time).

The 121m Ferris wheel in Orlando was suspended in mid-air and emergency services had to rescue those riding the attraction.

"The technical team is conducting maintenance on the Wheel and, as per our protocols, the attraction will be reviewed by Florida state ride inspectors prior to reopening," the amusement park told New York Post in a statement.

Videos on social media showed the ride had burst into flames and a fire had started at the base of it.

One parkgoer told WESH2: "We look[ed] down and there were flames and sparks and smoke coming. I guess the generator blew or something."

This isn't the first time something has gone wrong at the Florida park. Icon Park was under investigation in 2022 after a 14-year-old fell to his death on another amusement ride at the park.

A 911 call revealed the theme park employees allegedly "didn't secure the seat belt," from the Free Fall ride in March when the boy was on it which caused him to slip out of his seat and die.

The New York Post reported it took three hours for 80 firefighters to rescue the 62 people on the ride.

The Orange County Fire Department confirmed none of the passengers had been injured.