Weather: 'Moderate risk' another tropical cyclone will form in coming days

There is a moderate chance another tropical cyclone will develop and impact Pacific countries in the coming days.

Cyclone Hale thrashed parts of New Zealand earlier this week and caused flooding and slips, as well as damaging roads and farms.

Now, another tropical cyclone could develop this coming week. According to the Fiji Meteorological Service, a tropical disturbance was analysed in the Coral Sea between New Caledonia and the coast of Queensland, Australia.

It is slow-moving, they said, and will have just a "slight intensification" in the next 24 hours.

New Caledonia's official weather forecast website said there is "great uncertainty" on where and how strong this weather system will be.

"There is a moderate risk for the development of a moderate tropical depression on Wednesday or Thursday in northern New Caledonia," they said.

"This depression could deteriorate the weather in New Caledonia from next Wednesday to Thursday, with an episode of heavy rains and a locally strong wind."

MetService in New Zealand said there are a few lows in the Coral Sea and also forecast a moderate risk - which is a 25 to 50 percent chance - a tropical cyclone will develop from Wednesday onwards.

They added the system is expected to move eastwards past New Caledonia and across or close to southern Vanuatu late next week.

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department doesn't currently have a warning in place for the potential tropical cyclone. They said cyclones are "very erratic" in their movement and can therefore be complex and difficult to predict.

"They generally maintain their southerly movement until about 21°S to 25°S when they take south-east path and dissipate. The archipelago of Vanuatu consists of small islands grouped together stretching in a north-to-south distribution thus are affected by almost every cyclone passing through," they said on their website.

"Tropical cyclones affecting any islands of Vanuatu can result in heavy rainfall, flash flooding, flooding of low-lying areas, coastal flooding, riverine flooding, storm surge, landslide, very rough seas and strong to damaging winds inland. These events can cause a great deal of damage to property and life."