Australian boat owner wastes $600 of petrol after filling rod holder instead of fuel tank

Australian boat owner wastes $600 of petrol after filling rod holder instead of fuel tank
Photo credit: msill23 via TikTok

An Australian fisherman has had a moment he'd like to forget after accidentally filling up his rod holder instead of the fuel tank and wasting almost $600 worth of petrol. 

In a Snapchat video shared to the fishing Facebook page Fishing Sydney, people can be seen hosing down the outside of the boat and the asphalt of the 7-Eleven pump in West Pennant Hills in Sydney's northwest where the boat was parked. 

As the video continues, petrol can be seen streaming out of the back of the boat onto the asphalt.

"Guys, don't make this mistake ever," says the man behind the camera, as he pans to a fuel gauge displaying an eye-watering AUD$536.76 ($586) worth of fuel - or 231 wasted litres.

"They thought this was the petrol," he continues, zooming in on the rod holder on the side of the boat, which hollows out directly onto the floor.

One person had sympathy for the boat owner saying, "I did that once, bloody stainless rod holder right next to my stainless fuel cap. Fortunately only a couple of litres before I realised." 

Firefighters were called to the petrol station to help clean up the scene, but one person pointed out the dangers of the mistake. 

"I hope no one flicks a match down a drain. Every manhole will be sent into orbit," one person wrote.

"All the gear no idea," another joked.

Others weren't so kind saying, "So no fuel cap to remove, shouldn't own a boat or a vehicle with that level of common sense" while another added, "And it took 231 litres to realise!" 

Another person wrote, "And he goes on the water my god remind me not to go anyway near that guy when he's driving a boat."