Newborn baby killed in a vicious New South Wales dog mauling

Newborn baby killed in a vicious New South Wales dog mauling
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Warning: This story contains details that some readers may find distressing.

A newborn baby has been mauled to death by two dogs in Australia while she lay fast asleep at a family gathering.

Five-week-old Mia Riley was asleep near her family when she was fatally attacked by two rottweilers around 10:30pm on Saturday.

The attack caused severe head and facial injuries and Mia was rushed to hospital on the far south coast of New South Wales, where she died soon after.

Mia is believed to have been close to supervising adults at a family gathering on Hawdon Street in Moruya when the horrific attack occurred.

NSW Ambulance told the Daily Mail the family called them right away, but decided to make the two-minute drive to Moruya Hospital when it became apparent they could not wait.

Mia died due to her injuries shortly after midnight.

Police were called to the hospital at 10:48pm and are currently looking into her death.

"Two rottweiler-type dogs which live at home have been seized by rangers from the local council," NSW Police told the Daily Mail.

The rottweilers belong to cousins and had been going in and out of the property all night with no reported issues prior to the attack.

"The dogs started mauling the baby out of nowhere," a family friend told the Daily Mail.

"There were no other kids, the dogs weren't running around and no one was provoking the dogs or anything. They weren't agitated or distressed."

Friends of the baby described the "terrible" scene to the Daily Mail, saying there was a "considerable amount of blood".

"Everyone there has to be involved to get the dogs off," they said.

The two rottweiler dogs have since been seized from the family's home by Eurobodalla Shire Council rangers and are expected to be euthanised.

An investigation into the devastating incident continues.