Schoolboy disrupts Auckland to Kuala Lumpur flight after doing handstands on board

The boy was photographed doing handstands on board.
The boy was photographed doing handstands on board. Photo credit: Danielle Little/Facebook

Passengers on a flight from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur were both annoyed and entertained after a teenager was doing handstands on board.

One of the passengers posted a photo of the teenage boy performing a handstand in the middle of the aisle, on Facebook alongside the caption "I don't think I will ever complain again after this."

Danielle Little, who took the photo on the Malaysia Airlines flight, was impressed by how skilful the boy was.

"To be honest, the kid did maybe four handstands and a phenomenally difficult press-up in the aisle," Little told Daily Mail Australia.

According to the Daily Mail Australia, the boy was on the flight with his teachers who stood by and let the boy cause chaos on the 11-hour flight.

Several social media users criticized the teachers and flight attendants who didn't tell the boy off.

"Where the f are the teachers?" one person commented.

Another said "If they were in uniform or clothing that identified the school I'd be writing an email to the school to let them know," another person said.

Other users thought the teenager's skills were impressive.

"I am impressed by his fitness though," one commented.

Another said, "It's not as if he ruined the flying experience."

Newshub has contacted Malaysia Airlines for comment.