Teenage girl dies after being attacked by shark in Perth's Swan River

Authorities were called to Swan River on Saturday.
Authorities were called to Swan River on Saturday. Photo credit: 7News

A teenage girl has died after being attacked by a shark in Perth's Swan River on Saturday afternoon.

The 16-year-old was swimming near Fremantle traffic bridge in North Fremantle at around 3:45pm when she was mauled by the shark.

She was pulled from the water with critical injuries and, despite paramedics' best efforts, died at the scene.

Authorities were told a man jumped into the water to save the girl from the animal, which is believed to be a bull shark.

Fremantle district acting inspector Paul Robinson told 7News the girl was trying to swim with a pod of dolphins when she was attacked.

"What we're being advised is that (the girl) was with friends on the river. They were on jetskis, possibly a pod of dolphins were seen nearby and the young female jumped in the water to swim near the dolphins," Robinson told 7News. "This is an extremely traumatic incident for anyone to witness".

Police are searching the river for the shark and people were warned not to swim for the rest of the day.

The teenager's death is the second time there has been a shark attack in the river in 50 years and the first fatal one in 100 years. The last death was a schoolboy who was attacked in January 1923.

It comes just two days after shark attack victim Cameron Wrathall called for a protective net to be installed in the river.

Wrathal was attacked by a shark while swimming in Swan River just over two years ago and is urging authorities to take action.

"It would just be enclosing an area a bit like the barriers they have on the coast, and that would make it a safer area for swimmers," he told 7News.