Three-year-old dies after being locked in car amid scorching Australia temperatures

  • 04/02/2023
The boy was found in a Toyota outside shops in Glenfield.
The boy was found in a Toyota outside shops in Glenfield. Photo credit: 9News

A three-year has died after he was left in a car during scorching temperatures in Australia.

His father found the boy in the vehicle at about 3pm on Thursday (local time) in the Sydney suburb of Glenfield, police said. 

Witnesses told 9 News they helped the distraught dad as he pulled his son from the car and started CPR once he was taken into a nearby shop with air conditioning.

Paramedics were called to the scene but the boy could not be saved.

Sydney has been sweltering, with temperatures reaching 34C in Glenfield on Thursday.

A police investigation is now underway into claims the dad had dropped his eldest son at school in the morning but forgot to take his youngest child to daycare, the Daily Mail reported.

The dad was initially taken into police custody but later released and no charges have been laid, according to 7 News.

According to Kidsafe, more than 5000 children are rescued from hot cars in Australia every year.