Ukraine invasion: Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky pushes for victory on anniversary of war

Ukrainians and others across the world have paid their respects, with sombre vigils marking the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky praised his people's bravery and pledged again Ukraine would push for victory this year 

And in Moscow, there was no acknowledgement of the day. The anniversary didn't even warrant a mention on state TV. 

A million minutes of silence wouldn't be long enough to grasp the suffering Ukraine has endured. 

But as 60 drum beats sounded in a city square that's grown used to sirens, memories of the past year stirred.

The enormity of the loss inflicted on the people of Ukraine was suffocating. Despite it all Kyiv stands still Ukrainian and free but it was not a day of celebration.

A solemn President Zelensky distributed gallantry honours to soldiers who have braved the frontline.

But far too many of these medals for heroism were placed in the hands of the loved ones left behind. 

As he does every morning President Zelensky gave a televised address where he reflected 

on the first one he made a year ago.

He promised Ukrainians he was going nowhere that day and he has not let them down.

"It's been a year of endurance, a year of compassion, a year of courage, a year of pain, a year of hope, of unity, a year of invincibility," Zelensky said.

A strike by Russian special forces in the skies above Kyiv covered the country in terror that morning of his first televised address.

But despite warnings of a symbolic Russian onslaught again on Saturday (local time) there was no terror, only tears. 

An outpouring of emotion from Ukrainians who have lost so much. Their heartache has been felt far beyond the boundaries of the war with refugees around Europe grieving and rallying in solidarity. Leaders, landmarks, and governments all joined the show of support. 

More than just gestures of goodwill, the first Leopard 2 tanks arrived in Ukraine on Saturday (local time). 

The West has vowed to keep delivering weapons to Ukraine.

"Putin has failed to achieve a single one of his strategic goals. Instead of dividing the European Union, he finds us united and determined to stand by Ukraine for as long as it takes," European Union President Ursula von der Leyen said.

For a year so much about life in Ukraine has been defined by death.

But the will to win has survived and it's more alive than ever.