Woman allows venomous snake to crawl through her legs

Woman allows venomous snake to crawl through her legs
Photo credit: Facebook

This article was first published in February 2023.

A snake catcher has shared footage of a deadly snake slithering between the legs of his employee for 'educational purposes'. 

The eastern brown snake (also known as the common brown snake) is the second most venomous in the world, growing to about two meters long.

In the video a female snake catcher is shown sitting wearing long pants, top and boots as the 1.6 metre snake slithered towards her.

During the entire video the woman continues to smoke as she watches the snake go under her outstretched leg, and slither around her.

In the comment section of the Facebook video, someone compared the video to how "Steve Irwin trusted an animal he loved too." The wildlife warrior died in 2006 after being pierced in the heart by a stingray barb.

Owner of the video Tony Harrison, from Harrison's Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher said it was aimed at educating people and dispelling myths that eastern brown snakes "chase" people.

"If she'd jumped up and ran around that snake could have felt threatened and defended itself," he said.

In the video's comment section, Harrison said if a snake suddenly appears beside you, that you must remain still.

"Stay still until it starts to leave and then get up and walk away. Try your hardest to leave it alone," he said.

"Most snake bites occur when you're trying to kill or move a snake," he said.