Anti-transgender activist Posie Parker announces political party, calls protesters 'terrorists'

Anti-transgender activist Posie Parker has announced she'll run in the UK's next general election against Labour leader Keir Starmer in his electorate.

Speaking on GB News' Dan Wootton Tonight Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, otherwise known as  Posie Parker, said she is launching a new political party 'The Party of Women'.

"I will run against Keir Starmer and we've got some big plans, but obviously there's some legal stuff to get done," Parker said.

"I will run against him and force him to answer questions."

Parker held a rally in Auckland's Albert Park on Saturday as part of her Let Women Speak tour. 

Pushing broke out between attendees of Parker's rally and the larger counter-protest, and a small fight broke out as the activist made her way through the barricade to speak to the crowd.

Red liquid was thrown over Parker, and she was escorted out of the venue by her security guards after being rushed and sprayed with water.

Parker told Dan Wootton she "fear[s]" for everyone in Aotearoa because of the country's political leadership and the "gutless" and "dishonest" media.

"The Nazi stuff came from a helpful politician in Australia who thought good research would be to read a Wikipedia entry, so that really whipped up a terrible frenzy in New Zealand."

Parker has previously distanced herself from the neo-Nazis seen attending her events in Australia and New Zealand labelling them "abhorrent", and saying she didn't know why they would be at her events.

She claimed the counter-protesters she's faced in Aotearoa are doing it to "instil fear and intimidate for a political objective and to silence women".

"I think they're terrorists," Parker told Wootton.

"The way that mob behaved, I genuinely did feel like I was going to be crushed to death, or if I was on the floor I'd never get up, I just thought I was going to be stomped."

There have been no arrests or charges laid against the counter-protesters following the event.

And, while the counter-protest was mostly peaceful, Parker was escorted out of the Park covered in red liquid.