Australian toddler hospitalised after being left in a daycare bus for five hours

Alyza Seadon hospitalised for dehydration
Alyza Seadon hospitalised for dehydration Photo credit: Channel Nine News

An Australian toddler has been hospitalised after allegedly being left in a daycare bus for 5 hours on her own. 

Alyza, 3 is usually taken from her Melbourne home to Lulla’s Children and Family Centre about three kilometres away by bus. 

Her father was expecting just that, last Friday morning, when he put her on the bus at 9:15am Channel Nine reports. 

However, just after 3pm the family got an urgent call saying Alyza was being rushed to hospital after a staff member discovered her still on the bus that afternoon. 

Channel Nine reports Alyza was treated for dehydration and had a high temperature, causing her parents Braidon and Skye Seadon, great concern.

"When I arrived at the hospital her temperature was 38.4 degrees or something like that…It was very, very high” Skye Seadon told Channel Nine. .

The family said that although they have been contacted by the daycare centre, they are still waiting on a full explanation of what happened.

The parents are still struggling to grasp the situation and said Alyza has developed sleep issues.

"I just keep thinking to myself like how can you leave a kid in a kindy bus? How do you forget that?" Seadon told Channel Nine.