Deadly 6-foot-long Eastern brown snake found in Queenslander's bed

The Eastern brown snake getting comfortable
The Eastern brown snake getting comfortable Photo credit: Zachery's Snake and Reptile Relocation / Facebook

This article was first published in March 2023.

A homeowner in Queensland got the fright of her life when arriving home to a massive snake hiding out in her bed. 

The Kalbar woman acted quickly shutting up the room and putting a towel under the door to stop it from escaping. 

Snake catcher Zachery Richards from Zachery's Snakes and Reptile Relocation came to the rescue on Monday and identified the creature as an Eastern brown - the world's second deadliest breed.

Brown snakes are considered especially dangerous with their potent venom causing paralysis, uncontrollable bleeding and in extreme cases, death. 

Richards told Newsweek when he arrived at the scene the snake hadn't moved and still lay comfortably in the bed. 

He said for the most part capturing the snake was simple as it was calm, only getting "a little cranky" when he picked it up. 

Richards added that it was a warm day and the snake probably entered the home through an open door, looking for shelter. 

After capturing it, he released the massive animal into some nearby bushland, far from people and their homes

He later shared the incident on his Facebook page warning Australians to "check their beds".

The post received hundreds of comments from horrified viewers, one saying "well, I'm never sleeping again".

Others chimed in with "I'd burn the bedding" and "I don't think I'll be going to bed now. I'll sleep in my car".