Former Australian SAS soldier charged with alleged war crime in Afghanistan

A former SAS soldier has been charged after an investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

Oliver Schulz was taken into custody and charged with the murder of an Afghan man.

In southern Afghanistan, 2012, Australian soldiers were patrolling the wheatfields when they spot a young Afghan man.

Video captured from the dog handler's body camera shows the moment the soldiers spot him.

"You want me to drop this [inaudible]? Do you want me to drop this [inaudible]?"

Newshub can't show what happens next, but you can hear it - three shots, allegedly fired by Schulz.

It will now be up to a court to decide if it was murder.

Schulz is the first Australian Defence Force member or veteran to be charged with a war crime under Australian law. And it is just one charge - murder.

If the 41-year-old's found guilty, the once-decorated war hero could face life in prison.