'Haunted' Bargain Hunt doll with dead owner's eyes and hair horrifies Britain

In an episode of popular BBC show Bargain Hunt, experts were faced with a doll a little too life-like for comfort.

An episode that aired two years ago has made the rounds on UK television yet again, showing Bargain Hunt expert Charlie Ross meeting George, a doll from the 1930s that had the eyes and hair of its previous deceased owner. 

It sparked disgust from the host and British audiences alike, who were shocked by what one viewer called "the mutilated doll".

Ross was at Newark Antiques Fair in Nottinghamshire where he met Marie Wesson from the Nottingham Haunted Museum who introduced him to George. 

Wesson shared that creating a doll and human hybrid wasn't all that unusual for its time. 

"He came to us from Texas and, back in the day, they would make things like George in memory of passed loved ones."

Many Victorians also chose to carry around lockets of dead loved ones' hair in jewellery or have effigy dolls made in tribute, like George.

The host asked cautiously about how he came into the museum's possession, to which Wesson said the family of the deceased were experiencing paranormal activity to do with the doll. 

"They would get headaches and their eyes would start hurting, so they took him to a few mediums and apparently George wants his eyes and hair back, he can't rest without them," She continued. 

The Bargain Hunt expert looked disturbed saying "I can feel a bit of a headache coming on".

Disgusted British viewers took to Twitter to express their horror. 

One person tweeted: "See those haunted dolls on Bargain Hunt BBC today? George has the hair and eyes of a dead person as they won't rest until they get their hair and eyes back…"

And another said, "I can't believe that people would put real hair and real eyes into a doll!?! Makes me feel sick to the stomach".

Someone else shared "who would want to be anywhere near that thing let alone keep it in your home".

Another one summed up the UK's response to George: "I can't look at the TV, I hate dolls."