Julia Faustyna on Dr Phil: Polish woman who thinks she's Madeleine McCann denies stealing birth certificate

  • 28/03/2023

The family of a Polish woman who claims she could be Madeleine McCann says she stole her birth certificate, family photos and hospital documents in a web of "lies and manipulations". 

In the latest episode of Dr Phil, the Polish woman, 22-year-old Julia Faustyna, says she began researching the McCann case about a year ago and soon found similarities between herself and McCann. 

As Faustyna joined the dots in her research, she told Dr Phil she felt "something is wrong" because "my mother didn't hug me [and] didn't say I love you".

"It was a little suspicious to me."

The 22-year-old says she pressed her mother with questions about pregnancy pictures and her birth certificate, but told Dr Phil her mother "always changed the subject".

But in a statement to Dr Phil, Faustyna's parents didn't avoid the subject at all, claiming to have family pictures and memories, which Faustyna has too. 

"Julia also has these photos, because she took them from the family home with the birth certificate, as well as numerous hospital discharges."

The parents' statement says they've "always tried to understand all situations" surrounding Faustyna even after "threats to our address from Julia, her lies and manipulations, activity on the internet".

"The internet won't forget, and it's obvious that Julia isn't Maddie. We are devastated at this current situation."

But Faustyna categorically denies stealing her own birth certificate. 

Faustyna's private investigator, Fia Johansson, who is also a medium, says members of her team drove to the hospital where Faustyna's mother claims to have given birth to Faustyna but didn't find evidence of that. 

"We didn't find anything and they said 'we don't have any here'. So we went to another hospital they said the same thing; 'we don't have any here', so we go to the third one and they said 'we don't have any'."

Johansson says when she initially got involved with Faustyna's claims, she was most surprised by the similarities between McCann's and Faustyna's eyes.

Faustyna's eye defect argument has been ruled out by Provincial Police Headquarters in Wroclaw who told Polish news site Gazeta Faustyna's version of events do not add up.

But it was the pair's birthmarks that Johansson still has questions over. 

"I started to investigate Julia's body to figure out if she has those birthmarks, and for me, yes she had."

Faustyna's private investigator told Dr Phil she "kind of knows the truth" but can't commit to it "until I get an answer".

"It's hard to say 100 percent, but it's also hard to deny it 100 percent."