Man in Ohio, United States taken to hospital after zebra mauls his arm

The zebra nearly tore the man's arm off.
The zebra nearly tore the man's arm off. Photo credit: Twitter//New York Post

A zebra owner in Ohio, United States has been taken to hospital after one of his animals tried to rip his arm off.

On Sunday (local time), Ronald Clifton, 72, called local police and asked for a rescue team as he had been attacked by a zebra.

According to New York Post, the dispatcher on the 911 call didn't believe him at first and Clifton said: "I think he tore my arm off, send a chopper."

When deputies arrived, they found Clifton lying on the ground, hemorrhaging blood below his elbow from a bite wound.

New York Post reported one deputy officer tried to put his vehicle between Clifton and a group of zebras when one of the zebras charged the driver's side door and acted "very hostile".

The officer used the siren and an air horn to scare the zebra away and then went to help Clifton. The officer applied a tourniquet just below Clifton's shoulder and walked him to an ambulance.

New York Post reported another deputy officer stayed where Clifton had been attacked to keep an eye on the zebra. 

The zebra was later shot and killed by this officer after it began aggressively walking towards them. 

New York Post reported the male zebra attacked Clifton because he was the only male in the herd and wanted to protect the females.

He was taken to a hospital in Columbus, Ohio for his injuries to be looked over.