Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo sparks devise debate asking locals to ban e-scooters

As if the French didn't already have enough to protest - with the pension age being raised to 64.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has sparked yet another divisive debate by asking the public to vote on a total ban on e-scooters in the city. 

The capital is one of the world's biggest users of e-scooters - but the safety and environmental concerns have grown too great to ignore. 

In Paris, e-scooters are more in vogue than berets. Many people use them for their daily commute to work, for the grocery run and as a way for locals to get around day and night.

"Going back from [the] clubs and stuff like that. It is very useful, much more cheaper than Uber," one local told Newshub.

It is also a great way for tourists to get around and explore the city's sights.

"Well, we just off one, so I like them," one tourist told Newshub.

Another said, "you can see more, you don't see anything in the Metro."

But in a week's time - a vote will be held - on a complete ban on the e-scooters.

The mayor is fed up with broken scooters being thrown at the bottom of the Seine river while working ones clog up the streets and, make pedestrians panic. 

There have been more than 400 e-scooter accidents just in 2022.

"It's a little bit crazy with the traffic," one local said.

"They are really dangerous. if you are a driver in Paris, you can hit them very easily. it's very dangerous, another person said.

Paris was the first city in Europe to sign up for scooter-sharing, leading to a tiny-wheeled transport revolution. 

"During COVID-19, it was a way to get around without putting on a mask on public transport," one local told Newshub.

Paris now has 15,000 scooters, making it one of the most used fleets in the world.

Around 500,000 people use e-scooters every month in the city - that amounts to a trip every four seconds. 

Unsurprisingly scooter operators are fighting the ban. 

E-scooter company Lime is offering free rides to users who vote in the referendum and have been accused of buying popularity.

Unlike the pension age - the e-scooter ban will be a public vote to keep the wheels from falling off altogether in France.