Polish woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann is awaiting DNA results

Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann Photo credit: Met Police

A polish woman who believes she could be Madeleine McCann has submitted DNA samples for forensic testing that could finally determine if she is the missing British girl. 

Julia Faustyna, who goes by Julia Wendell, has gone viral on social media claiming to be the missing girl who disappeared from a family holiday in Portugal in 2007. 

Posting under the Instagram account @Iammadeleinemccann, Wendell has grown a large following and despite many refusing to believe her claims, she maintains she is McCann. 

She has now submitted samples for three forensic tests to determine whether she has any ties to the McCann family ancestry.

Her private investigator Dr Fia Johansson told RadarOnline.com if the results show she is British then they will continue the investigation and will send the results to detectives in Portugal for comparison. 

"We have a lot of evidence right now that shows Julia was definitely trafficked to Poland from another country by an international sex trafficking group," Dr Johansson said. 

She added although they are still conducting their investigation "Julia is definitely not the biological daughter of her parents in Poland".

Wendell claims she has no memory of her childhood and details from her parents simply don't add up. 

Because of this, and an eye defect that matches the toddlers, she is adamant they are the same person. 

This has been ruled out by the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wroclaw who told Polish news site Gazeta Wendell's version of events do not add up. 

In spite of this, Johansson and Wendell have continued the DNA process also saying they are open to the possibility that she may be another missing girl Livia Schwepp.