UK office worker's 'furious' note to coffee thief divides internet

Angry letter written to coffee thief
Angry letter written to coffee thief Photo credit: Reddit

A fed-up office worker has written an angry note to a mysterious co-worker who keeps stealing his coffee. 

The British man noticed his work coffee supply, which was basically brand new, was significantly more empty than he expected, the Daily Mail reported. 

He says the 200g jar was relatively expensive costing him NZD$15.74 and was missing about 20 per cent of its contents despite him only using it to make three coffees. 

In an attempt to stop the thief, the frustrated coffee lover wrote an angry letter to the anonymous thief stealing from the jar, despite it being marked with his initials, the Daily Mail reported.  

He then posted the letter on Reddit captioned "does my note convey my anger at having my coffee stolen?" 

The note read: "Are you seriously thieving my coffee? It literally has my initials on top of the lid.'"

"These are £8 each. I've had three coffees and it's 1/5 gone. You know you're stealing, so stop."

"P.S. Thanks for bursting open the foil so it's more convenient for you to pour yourself a massive drink." 

In the comments, he added that at his last workplace, he was able to hide his food and drinks in the kitchen and therefore was "lured into a false sense of security".

He also shared that he couldn't keep it in his bag either as it was already very full. 

"I've just moved to another empty area of the office. I always try and hide stuff, but it's hard with bare cupboards," he said.

Commenters were quick to share his anger and offer up suggestions to keep the thief at bay.

"Sadly you may find the only way to stop people thieving it would be to put it where people cannot easily find it,' another suggested".

"I felt the pain in the note, I worked at a place that had the same issue,' said a fourth while someone else joked: 'This is an act of war".

Others felt the only way to stop the thief was through more extreme tactics.

"Replace it with cheap, powdered decaf and mix in curry powder or ground black peppercorns. That'll teach them."

"Slowly replace with decaf then the day after completing the changeover swap it with super strong espresso stuff and watch the results".