Wild video of falling avalanche captured on dash camera of Utah Highway Patrol car


With Utah’s large snowpack, avalanches have been a common occurrence and one was captured on the dash camera of a Utah Highway Patrol vehicle.

The footage shows a UHP vehicle parked on the side of the road when a small avalanche races down the mountain, creating a cloud of snow with zero visibility for a few brief moments.

Officials say the avalanche happened on State Route 189 near Deer Creek Reservoir on Monday when crews were performing avalanche mitigation work.

At the time, both directions of canyon traffic were closed for safety reasons.

Nearby, several skiers at Sundance Resort experienced a “powdercloud” avalanche on Monday as well.

A fast-moving wall of airborne snow blew hundreds of yards away from the avalache, which came to a stop in the dry lakes area just outside the resort.

As a result, the skiers were hit with white-out blizzard conditions, however, nobody was injured in the slide.

Also in Utah County on Monday, a snowmobiler died as a result of an avalanche near Cedar Fort.

Despite wearing and carrying many pieces of avalanche safety equipment, the body of the man was discovered under 22 feet of snow in Pole Canyon on Monday night.