Woman claiming to be Madeleine McCann, Julia Faustyna, flees to US after social media threats

A Polish woman who claims she is Madeleine McCann has fled to the US to escape what she claims is a bounty on her head. 

Julia Faustyna claims she is the missing British girl who disappeared on holiday in Portugal in 2007 and has used her Instagram account 'I am Madeleine McCann' to spread this message. 

Her claims went viral on social media, but now she says she is being cyberbullied by those who don't believe her story or who think the account is a hoax for gaining fame.

Her spokesperson Dr Fia Johansson said in an Instagram post Faustyna has deleted her Instagram account and fled her home in Poland due to the threats, including a "price on her head".

Johansson also shared that Faustyna has been trying to call McCann's parents, encouraging them to take a DNA test. 

So far her attempts to get through have been unsuccessful, with Faustyna claiming her number has been blocked by both parents. 

She, however, has taken a DNA test which she believes could link her to a number of missing person cases. 

Johansson told the Sun UK that Faustyna is open to the possibility that she could be another missing girl, Livia Schepp,  who went missing in Switzerland in 2011. 

She confirmed they are trying to check her DNA with Shepp's as well as McCanns and are optimistic for what the results will bring.