Woman in Australia with flu-like symptoms ends up on life support, legs amputated

Woman in Australia with flu-like symptoms ends up on life support, legs amputated
Photo credit: Go Fund Me

An English mother living in Australia ended up in hospital after what she believed to be the flu turned out to be much worse. 

Juliana Bransden's life-threatening illness first appeared two days before Christmas last year, but with minor symptoms, she thought nothing of it. 

On New Year's Eve 2022, her symptoms escalated and despite being told to stay home and monitor them, her husband Tim Bransden called an ambulance. 

Bransden quickly deteriorated and she was placed on life support. 

She suffered from septic shock, two cardiac arrests and multiple organ failures. 

"A diagnosis of sepsis resulting from an aggressive form of pneumonia was confirmed and we were warned that she may not survive the night," Bransden’s family and friends wrote in a Go Fund Me page set up to help support the family.

The page states that the pneumonia was caused by invasive Strep A and Influenza. 

"[It resulted] in a level of sickness that several experienced ICU nurses said they had never seen anyone manage to recover from before." the page also stated. 

7News reports that as a result of the sepsis the mother had to have both legs amputated below the knees. Her hands have also been severely damaged and, likely, she will soon lose her fingers as well. 

However, almost three weeks later Bransden slowly started to speak and engage once again and was taken off of her ventilator. 

Although the family is thrilled to have their mum back to chatting away with them, her physical condition means she struggles with basic tasks and needs constant assistance. 

"Her husband has already started adapting their home, but the costs of this building project, prosthetics and other adaptive equipment are daunting," the GoFundMe page says.

They do believe she will overcome the challenges ahead and walk again, with the use of prosthetics but, are asking for help to make this happen. 

Her friends and family say Bransden will have to put her life on pause to recover, no longer being able to do the things she loves such as teaching and playing the piano and watching this will be heartbreaking. 

They have left messages for their loved one sharing their support as she recovers. 

"She is a hugely capable, positive and determined individual, whose independent 'bring it on' attitude will equip her well for the trials ahead."