Riots and rebellion continue in France ahead of decision on controversial retirement age rise

Riots and rebellion are continuing in France less than 24 hours from a binding and final decision on President Emmanuel Macron's controversial attempt to raise the retirement age 

Ahead of the vote, protestors again stormed the streets of Paris in fury - hit by baton-wielding riot police who failed to stop them from invading one of the country's most famous fashion houses. 

The red mist has well and truly settled over Paris and in a final show of anger, the French went wild.

Protesters stormed the headquarters of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

A plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 years old continues to raise French rebellion all over the country.

A clash between heavy-handed riot police and protestors shattered the peace.

Violent scuffles broke out in Paris throughout the day with projectiles, tear gas, smoke bombs, and flares fired off in all directions.

The number of those taking to the streets has dropped significantly, A month ago more than a million were marching, but on Thursday (local time) there were barely 50,000 - doggedly hunting for headlines Macron can't ignore. 

But tomorrow, months of strike action could be undercut by a single decision. 

The constitutional council will decide whether the law is constitutional and whether Macron was right to force it through without a vote in parliament.

A vote to reject the pension overhaul will crumple Marcon's credibility. A vote to accept will only stoke the burning fury on the streets.