Two young US girls hand themselves in after one stole their dad's car, traveling 600km to meet someone from online

  • 17/04/2023
The pair handed themselves in 650km from their hometown.
The pair handed themselves in 650km from their hometown. Photo credit: Reuters

Two US girls have handed themselves in to officials after the 12-year-old stole her dad's car and drove the pair more than 600km across state lines, to possibly meet someone they had met online. 

It's reported the two girls, aged 12 and 14, were found after a missing child alert was issued on Thursday morning (local time) when the girls from Florida were last seen in their Lake Butler hometown.

NBC News reports the young pair were believed to be travelling on Interstate 10 toward Louisiana. 

Information held by Union County Sheriff's Office suggested the girls could have been travelling to meet someone they met online. It's not clear how old or who the person was. 

It's reported the young girls saw themselves on TV in a missing children alert at a local service station in Alabama, where they turned themselves in to local authorities. 

The pair handed themselves in 650km from their hometown. 

It took multiple agencies to track the girls down, including the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Chief deputy captain Lyn Williams said there were "suspicious circumstances" which raised "red flags" about the person the girls were planning to meet. 

It's reported the matter is now in the hands of the FBI.