95-year-old Australian woman with dementia in critical condition after Aussie police tasered her

A 95-year-old rest home patient in Australia remains in critical condition, after Police tasered her on Wednesday.

Clare Nowland, a resident of Yallambee Lodge in Cooma, New South Wales, was wielding a knife while using her walking frame, according to 7News.

Rest home staff spotted the knife, tried to confiscate it from the dementia patient, but they ended up calling local Police to help restrain the woman.

Officers that attended ended up using their tasers on the woman.

“A critical incident investigation has been launched after an elderly woman sustained injuries during an interaction with police at an aged care facility,” said New South Wales police.

Nowland was taken to Cooma District Hospital, where she's being closely monitored.

Karen Webb, police commissioner for New South Wales, said she shares the community's concerns about what happened to the grandmother.

A spokesperson for NSW's Police Minister said state police will thoroughly investigate.

“We understand NSW Police have declared a critical incident investigation and will take whatever action is appropriate."

Yallambee Lodge is run by the Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

Nowland is a much-loved figure in Cooma, known for doing things like skydiving to celebrate turning 80.

She regularly attends Cooma's St Patrick's Catholic Church, and was a former member of the Cooma Golf Glub.

Nowland is well known for living life to the fullest.
Nowland is well known for living life to the fullest. Photo credit: 7News.