Furious motorist drives through crowd of environment activists in London

A furious motorist has been caught on video driving through a crowd of Just Stop Oil environmental activists in London.

The group of 68 people took up their positions on London's bridges on Tuesday afternoon (local time), causing traffic to jolt to a complete standstill during peak hour.

The protestors were spread across Waterloo, Blackfriars, London Bridge and Tower Bridge, however, police officers quickly moved them from the streets, the Daily Mail reported.

On one of the bridges, the driver of a van can be heard pleading with the activists before he eventually loses his patience and threatens them, 'I will run you over'. He then proceeds to drive through the crowd.

It does not appear anyone was injured.

London is now entering its sixth week of daily marches by Just Stop Oil as part of its bid to stop the UK government from granting new licenses for oil, gas and coal projects.

Along with marches, other protesters have disrupted major events including the Chelsea Flower Show and the Gallagher Premiership rugby final on Saturday.

The same group of activists recently caused outrage amongst the public after they entered a royal farm, separated lambs from their visibly distressed mothers and kidnapped them.