King Charles III's coronation: Queen Camilla's uneasy reaction as she adjusts her hair while being crowned

  • 07/05/2023

Camilla has officially been crowned Queen at husband King Charles III's coronation, but it came with a "nervous" moment. 

She and King Charles were crowned in a ceremony at London's Westminster Abbey on Saturday (local time), which played out in front of around 2000 invited guests and a large global audience watching from their homes. 

Placing Queen Mary's Crown on Camilla's head, the Archbishop of Canterbury said: "Thy servant Camilla, who wears this crown, be filled by thine abundant grace and with all princely virtues; reign in her heart, O King of love, that, being certain of thy protection, she may be crowned with thy gracious favour; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."  

As the Archbishop lowered the crown onto Camilla, she appeared visibly uncomfortable and appeared to want to fiddle with it before moving her hair out of her eyes. 

The moment wasn't missed on Twitter, with one person saying she looked "nervous" in the moment. 

"Queen Camilla was so nervous, the moment she got the crown was very touching and exciting for her… I am very touched by it all," wrote another. 

A third user, who is seemingly not a fan of the new Queen, snarked on Twitter: "Even the crown is rejecting to be on Camilla's head."

A fourth weighed in: "Whoever did the sizing for Camilla's crown must have been tipsy. It's cartoonishly oversized."